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8040A, standard monitor for many studios I work in. I can work days with these monitors without getting tired of the sound. Unmissable.



Beyer Dynamic

DT-770, no surprises here, pretty much standard in most studio facilities. I love 'm but prefer the monitors. But sometimes you just don't want to wake the neighbours :-) 

Ableton Live Suite 10

I'm a huge fan of this intuitive DAW. After working with several other software packages (i.e. SAW+, Waves and Protools) Ableton became my weapon of choice.



Mixed In Key

This is for measuring BPMs (speed) and tonal scales. (key).

But ears are the unbeatable tool to match tracks. 


Most of the instruments I use are VST's. I've got almost all the Arturia softsynths and truck loads of freeware.



Yamaha FB-01

Last piece of hardware. Never use it. I've tried to sample all of the sounds but have never finished it. It's got some great bass sounds! 

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